What people are saying


A Colleague’s Perspective

As an advanced EFT practitioner  I am particular about who I choose to work with.  Very recently I approached to George to assist me through a life event, and am pleased that I followed my intuition and contacted him.  George’s clarity, professionalism, skill and application of EFT enabled us to reach a core memory very quickly.  Within one session we were able to dissolve associated emotions that were hindering my ability to swiftly and easily move through the recent event.  This lessened the charge around the recent event and  thankfully allowed my natural state of balance to ensue once more.  I will certainly be contacting George for more sessions and look forward to working with him again.  ~Helen P Bressler LMFT, ACAP-EFT; Honolulu, HI.


Another Colleague’s Perspective

I’ve known George Limberakis for over 30 years. George and I have met for monthly consultation over the course of several years. A while back, I shared with George the little I knew about EFT. I had hired an online coach to help me build my online business and realized that everyone who has a successful business online practices EFT (although it seems there is a wide range of techniques that are taught.) I told him that it‘s a helpful tool for people who want to overcome inner resistance, personal blocks and old trauma and that he should look into it. George has always integrated mind/body issues, whether it’s through his yoga practice or his therapy practice. This modality seemed to perfectly fit his core personality.

George has shown a renewed passion for his work with clients since becoming EFT trained. His last training on unresolved trauma has particularly influenced his work. I have referred difficult and resistant clients to George. He has been able to successfully connect with them in a way I could not. His style is warm, personable and non-judgmental. He has a gift for explaining difficult-to-understand clinical issues and can easily and quickly target the key point in any discussion.

He conveys personal and professional respect for others, has tolerance for different points of view and is non-authoritarian and diplomatic in his interactions with others. George loves to be challenged and loves to learn; I have seen him grow as a clinician even though he has been somewhat uncertain about sharing this knowledge with others (he initially felt it was a little “woo-woo”). I have watched as his belief in EFT as a credible and highly effective clinical tool has grown as he has experienced success with satisfied clients.   ~Margaret Thompson, LCSW


I love EFT!

I am just going to brainstorm some thoughts about what makes George unique as a guide, teacher and therapist.

In my path toward recovering from pain and working to overcome challenges, I have tried many methods including traditional cognitive therapy, rapid eye movement, short term drug therapy for anxiety and depression, as well as meditation and yoga and consistent exercise.  After leaving a very destructive and abusive relationship, I found that all of my personal training in health and wellness and many hours of therapy were not breaking down the trauma that was cycling in my head over and over as I relived the horror of those years.  As I told the stories they seemed to get stuck in the same place and I was boring myself and still cried way too much.  

 George introduced me slowly to EFT and I found that it was a relief to not talk so much, and to actually do something in a particular order that would help me focus on a simple, yet exact order of tapping and rhythm.  There is both thinking and not thinking involved in this method, and it has been such a relief.  I love the exact process and over time with guidance, there has been so much improvement in my sleep patterns and mental health.  Having a support system and a guide through this process is so important.  Before I connected with George, I heard about tapping on a podcast and was interested, so I tried it. I didn’t find it very effective on my own. 

There are many things that make George uniquely qualified as a teacher and trainer of EFT including a lifetime of very intense personal work, experience and education.  There is an exquisite sense of humor and empathy and a physical presence that help him fill a room and hold space for clients and students.  He has a casual and comforting manner that invites safety and trust.  He exudes the energy of both a student and teacher, always on a path of continual growth and encouraging others to find their own path. ~P.L.


Thank You

Just a note to let you know how grateful I am to have you as a yoga mentor/teacher.  You are the BEST and I always leave your class with some inner calm…  Anyway – thank you – thank you – you make a difference in my life!  ~N.G.



George is a skilled listener, with several tools to help people resolve ongoing issues, start a new and healthier life habit, or simply expand their understanding of who they are and what they want. I recommend him to friends regularly. ~J.M.


Wholeheartedly Recommended

George helps me to control my anger and my pride. He has a way of explaining his insights that cuts through the crap and helps me to see myself and my motivations clearly. Above all, he has helped me to be a better, more grounded person. I recommend him wholeheartedly.  ~L.J.


A great “guide.”

George helped me a lot with my depression. I had seen several counselors before him and I was never able to make the progress that I did with George. We worked together to identify the thinking patterns that kept me feeling bad and formulate a plan for moving toward my goals. George helped me find my source of motivation. (Surprise! It wasn’t my wife!) The progress that I made, personally, trickled down to my relationship with my wife and children. I found the courage to leave a job that I hated and found much more meaningful work. George kept reminding that I was the one doing all the work, he was merely a guide. I will be forever grateful for his guidance. ~ M.L.


Life Changing

George approaches problems by attacking it from many different angles.  He not only practices traditional therapy but also explores wellbeing through healthy activities, nutrition, and exercise.  He also teaches techniques to make long term improvements as well as handle daily challenges. ~ D.A.


Compassionate and Honest

I have known George for over 20 years as a professional colleague and a friend, and though I have never been a client of his, I know from personal experience that he is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to be honest without making you feel like you’re a jerk for being human. In a work setting, I have known George to be completely professional and yet approachable at the same time.  He’s a natural teacher. I am having to try hard not to gush too much lest people who read this think I am just giving him a great review simply because he’s my friend.  I’m not.  I mean it sincerely when I say George is probably the most level headed person I know and would be a wonderful resource for anyone seeking this service.  You’ll have to take my word for it when I say that I would not say that about many people. ~J.R.