What to expect

Much of the time during your first session will be dedicated to gathering information about you and to determine the key issues to be addressed. You will be asked to provide relevant historical information, information regarding your current life, family, medical & social histories and whatever information you think is relevant. This process may continue over several sessions.

George will provide information during the initial sessions to help construct a context from which to conduct your counseling. This will include some handouts as well as “chalkboard talks.” Exactly how your counseling sessions unfold will be based on your personal needs.

Expect that your counselor will be actively involved in your therapeutic process, offering education and guidance, being solution-focused and goal directed. The client will be expected to actively participate in this process. While a lot of work is done during the in-office session, the important part of the work is done between sessions, out in the world, as the client notes patterns of thinking, the results of engaging in that thinking and begins to make adjustments to patterns of thinking that will facilitate movement toward a fuller experience of life.