Areas Of Specialty

Areas of Specialty

Also see Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also see Emotional Freedom Techniques

While there are no promises or guarantees being offered with regard to the outcome of counseling for you, these are some issues that some of George’s clients have successfully resolved or learned to better manage through counseling:

LGBTQ issues
Addictive/Compulsive Behaviors other than active chemical addiction* (e.g. sex, pornography, food, exercise, etc.)
Eating Issues
Relationship Issues
Recovery from religious oppression
Making Changes
Life Transitions
Aging/Geriatric Issues
Work Issues
Personal Growth
Relaxation Skills
Stress Management
Anger Management
Trauma Survivors
Family Of Origin Issues

*People who are struggling with the active phase of chemical addiction would be better served by treatment through a facility that specializes in treating chemical addiction.  My style of counseling is more conducive to those who have entered into the sobriety phase and are seeking assistance with resolution of issues that present as a consequence of sobriety.

If you are not sure if the issues for which you are seeking counseling fit into the above areas, please contact George at 801-487-4298 or via email to determine how he might be of service or for assistance in locating an appropriate provider.