ACEP’s EFT Training Program

A New EFT Training Program

EFT training

Top Of Head Tapping Point for Emotional Freedom Techniques

I completed my own EFT training certification in March of 2015, I was certified as an advanced practitioner of EFT (ACAP-EFT). That was the result of about two years of training that included  in-person workshops, telephone consultations and the submission of several videos for evaluation by the trainers. The ACEP EFT training, at that time, was called Gold Standard EFT to reflect the reclaiming of EFT from, simply, a self-help tool to a powerful clinical tool. I felt somewhat confident in my use of EFT but had some difficulty incorporating it into my clinical practice.  The latest incarnation of EFT certification offered by ACEP is geared toward mental health professionals and focuses on how to incorporate EFT into a therapist’s toolbox.

Combination of On-line & Virtual Group Training

We just finished the first group of trainees with the second group ready to start in November 2017. I am one of four facilitators of the training who conduct four virtual workgroups where we answer questions, supervise practice sessions and offer guidance to the trainees who view 16 on-line modules. Trainees learn two of the Emotional Freedom Techniques as well as background information regarding trauma treatment. Level 2 will offer additional techniques as well as refinement of those presented in Level 1.

Having experienced the training as a facilitator and getting feedback from the trainees, I can say that this is a stellar training. Several trainees have commented on the amount of information presented and the quality of skills taught for the low cost of the training. Mental health professionals will also receive continuing education credits for the course.

If you’re a mental health professional and would like more information about incorporating this state-of-the-art therapy into your practice, contact me for more information. Emotional Freedom Techniques is rapidly moving into the main stream, backed by research consisting of multiple randomized controlled studies as well as meta-analyses that are demonstrating the efficacy of EFT in treating trauma, anxiety and depression.

The first training sold out in nine days. There are a few spots left in the November training. Get all the details here.