New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy

make-you-happyIf you struggle with mood disregualtion, it is important to know that you don’t have to  just sit around and take it or hope that the bad feelings will go away. The mind is something that can and must be managed in order to live peaceful, productive lives.

Here are some easy suggestions for helping to manage the mind. It would be nice if all we had to do was read the post and all would be well. But, optimizing our moods will take a bit more effort than that. This post offers 4 easy to implement strategies for improving mood.

There is no author to credit so thank you to Alex Korb  for the insights and to whomever put this information together so concisely.




Losgelassenheit – “re-lax” or “loosen again”

Losgelassenheit - relaxing into life

Losgelassenheit – relaxing into life

I’m not sure why this post singles out women. These suggestions are appropriate for anyone who feels tightly wound. The tools suggested in this post are presented in a light-hearted manner but the author makes a really good point when she suggests not, merely, reading and viewing the tools as “objects[s] of contemplation” but to look at each one and begin to bring into practice those that resonate for you. Here’s the post “5 Things That Will Help Even The Most Tightly Wound Woman Relax.” Here’s to relaxing into life.